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About Us

Semitone Studios is a combination coffee shop, music studio, and live music venue – with room for anyone who wants to be creative.

Semitone is the word musicians use to refer to a particular distance between two notes, the smallest distance generally used in Western music. Anything is possible, one tiny step at a time. Everyone has a semitone…what’s yours?

Our team includes:

Taylor Giacoma, Musician and Managing Director
Taylor is a singer, pianist, conductor, composer, arranger, tutor, and keen coffee-drinker. She also started Semitone.

Peter Eccles, Business Manager and Director of Operations
Peter does the fancy business stuff. He is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Manchester University. He also sings and plays piano for fun.

Alex Turnbull, Musician
Al plays a mean guitar. He teaches it, too.

Sue Hatton, Musician
Sue is the magic flute. Ok, not really - but she teaches flute. And beginner-level recorder and saxophone.

Jayne Turner, Musician
Jayne is a vocal instructor as well as a singer-songwriter-guitarist. Of particular interest to her in her work is 'holistic singing'.

Vicky Richardson, Administrator
Vicky does all kinds of admin stuff, including the books.She balances everything down to the hemidemisemiquaver.

Helene Vlassis, Coordinator/Liaison
Helene makes sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

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